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Waaberi band member Khadra Omar Dhule passes away in Mogadishu

Renowned Somali songstress Khadra Omar Dhule passed away on Thursday night in Mogadishu after an illness. Her sister, Sahro Omar Dhule, confirmed Khadra’s death on her Facebook page on Friday morning but did not provide further details.

Khadra was a celebrated member of the Waaberi National Band and resided in the Ex Fiyore Warta Nabada district of Mogadishu. She first gained solo fame in 2005 with her soulful love songs, including hits like “Kalgacayl ku waa gobe,” “Dood kulama wadi karo,” and “Wiilyahow Nadaa.”

Born into a musical lineage, Khadra Omar Dhule was the daughter of renowned Somali musician Omar Dhule Ali, a legendary figure in Somali music. He was known for his traditional songs, mastery of the Kaban (particularly the “Oud” type), and skill in composing music, crafting stories, and arranging dramas.

Just last month, another iconic Somali singer, Amina Abdullahi Hersi, known for her passionate songs of love and patriotism, passed away in Borama, a city in Somaliland’s Awdal region. She leaves behind a child with her husband, poet Abdi Adan Haad (Qays). Additionally, she was previously married to fellow musician Abdirahman Osman Mahabe (Abdirahman-dheere), father to famed singer Hodan Abdirahman.

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