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Suspect behind grenade attack captured

¬†Government forces in Mogadishu’s Hodan district executed a planned operation on Sunday, leading to several significant arrests.
Authorities captured a man believed to be behind a recent grenade attack on local police near the University neighbourhood within the Hodan district itself.
Police reports indicate the suspect was apprehended in the Haanta Dheer neighbourhood of Mogadishu’s Deyniile district. Two women, purported to have aided the suspect in his assault, were also taken into custody.
Mogadishu, Somalia’s capital, has seen a marked uptick in its security situation over recent weeks, an improvement partly ascribed to the recent deployment of freshly trained Ugandan forces.
In a recent victory, Somalia’s intelligence agency managed to prevent a Terrorist attack
last week. The intended target was Peace Park, a tranquil garden situated near Villa Somalia in the heart of Mogadishu

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